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In Arkansas & Oklahoma our partnership with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America allow us to operate 10 different Salvation Army Boys & Girls Clubs. We also operate other community centers and afterschool programs too. Almost all locations provide transportation from school to our programs and a snack. Programs focus on character-building and helping kids with their academic achievements. We know that the afternoon hours after school are some of the most dangerous when it comes to kids making poor decisions related to drugs, crime, and sex.

salvationarmyusa org valuation guide

The process is the same for hundreds of other residents who’ve shown up for help. Numbers tabulated by the state emergency operation center estimate as many as 600,000 people impacted by the historic rainfall and flood.

In Our Fight Against Hunger And Food Insecurity, We Provide Over 56 Million Meals Annually Through:

Webster and Bienville Parishes continue to have homes and people who can only be reached by boats. With recent flooding in the region, one of the most practical needs that The Salvation Army is able to meet are supplies and tools to help survivors clean up their homes. These items are prepackaged in a plastic bucket referred to as a “clean up kit”, and include mops, brooms, gloves and other essential supplies to help a family clean their residence. Coordination is taking place with the Oklahoma and Arkansas Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster for feeding and bulk distribution of flood bucket clean up kits. To date, service delivery for the winter storm and flooding includes 2,267 meals, 3,164 drinks and 760 snacks. Officers, employees and volunteers have provided over 713 hours of service. Close to 900 flood bucket clean up kits have been issued from the divisional EDS department for distribution in affected areas.

salvationarmyusa org valuation guide

Three hundred clean-up kits will also be delivered to the Greenville Corps Monday. In another hard hit area from floodwaters, the shelter The Salvation Army support has closed. The Monroe Corps is now helping families by passing out clean up kits in the community. For the latest emergency disaster salvationarmyusa org valuation guide services news from The Salvation Army, please visit or follow the social feed on Twitter at @salarmyeds. The Salvation Army of Pine Bluff continues to coordinate with the American Red Cross by supplying two evacuation centers, Swan Lake and Wright/Pastoria, with food and other essential items.

The Salvation Army Increasing Presence And Supplies In Areas Impacted By Flood Waters

Fort Smith and Conway Arkansas Salvation Army units have also been providing assistance to those affected by flooding in the areas they serve. All donations for disaster services will be used for disaster response. When you purchase an item from a Salvation Army Family Store the money goes back into the local community. We don’t exist to generate profit so your dollar doesn’t go into the pocket of a CEO. The lamp you bought might mean a hot meal for an individual staying at a shelter, a music lesson for a child at one of our afterschool programs, or another month of electric service while a family works to get back on their feet. Here are 5 things that you make happen when you shop at The Salvation Army. Two Salvation Army mobile feeding units with crews from San Antonio and New Braunfels were deployed and provided roving food and hydration services for survivors and first responders.

The Altus Salvation Army also began serving a community shelter in Hollis at the request of the local emergency manager in Harmon County. They served dinner on Tuesday and served lunch and dinner on Wednesday. Service will ledger account continue for the shelter until power is fully restored to the community. For donations designated to specific disaster relief and recovery efforts, occasionally, conditions in the field may alter relief activities.

  • Two Salvation Army mobile feeding units with crews from San Antonio and New Braunfels were deployed and provided roving food and hydration services for survivors and first responders.
  • Baton Rouge resident, Vanessa Yates, stands outside a vacant part of the Cortana Mall now turned into The Salvation Army’s distribution center waiting for her name to be called.
  • The cost savings allow them to stretch their budget and put money toward other things such as food, housing and bills.
  • The Salvation Army calls on everyone to pause and participate in service, healing, and remembrance of that tragic day.

Throughout the Arkansas & Oklahoma Division, we regularly hold fun, community events for adults and especially senior citizens. Sometimes there is a discussion, a Bible study, or a devotional thought. But these programs are valuable because of the social connections – the community what are retained earnings – that they create. When you buy a lamp at The Salvation Army, you help people continue to feel vitality and purpose. You help them connect with their friends, to share stories, and to make memories. The Salvation Army across the United States offers after school programs.

After a few more minutes, a volunteer brings her a case of water, cleaning supplies, and a food box. One of the most immediate ways that The Salvation Army is able to help families stay cool in the summer time is to provide qualifying families with a brand new box fan. As a contribution to the Home Energy Aid Month campaign, The Salvation Army of Enid received a donation of 50 box fans from Jumbo Foods on Thursday. July 17, 2015 – The month of July commemorates Home Energy Aid Month, a time set aside to raise awareness about the growing need for utility assistance across the state to help keep families cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

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Centers offers residential housing, work, group and individual therapy, all in a clean, wholesome environment. The physical and spiritual care that program participants receive prepares them to re-enter society and return to gainful employment. Many of those who have been rehabilitated are reunited with their families and resume a normal life. This program is made possible through the generosity of those who donate goods that can be sold in our Family thrift stores and online at JACKSON, MS – With continued flooding across North Louisiana, The Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana Emergency Disaster Services Division of The Salvation Army is coordinating disaster relief efforts with local Army representatives in Mississippi and Louisiana. Staff and supplies from The Jackson, Mississippi Corps is being deployed to Monroe, Louisiana, Friday morning to assist with shelter and mobile feeding operations. Support includes six staff and volunteers, one mobile canteen and one supply truck loaded with water, clean-up kits, food and other essential supplies.

salvationarmyusa org valuation guide

The Salvation Army, alongside its energy partners (OG+E, ONG & PSO) also make a special effort to generate donations specifically for energy aid assistance throughout the month. On Sunday, across Oklahoma, The Salvation Army opened warming centers in Altus, Enid, Norman and Oklahoma City, and Ponca City in response to winter weather including blizzard conditions and ice storms. Additionally, warm meals were provided to those taking refuge at the warming centers and affected by power outages. As of Wednesday all of the warming centers have returned to normal daily operations. You’re a good man.” Leonard states “I just made it outside as the tears came. What a privilege and honor it is to serve others in Jesus’ name.” Captain Leonard also reports many more families were affected with this round of flooding compared to the flooding experienced in June 2015.

San Francisco Adult Rehabilitation Center

Support also includes six staff members and volunteers, one mobile canteen, and one supply truck. Shreveport, LA. — As flood waters recede and many residents in Northwest Louisiana are being allowed back into their homes, The Salvation Army will be in the neighborhoods serving meals to recovery workers, first responders and residents.

It’s groups of young people that Hudson said most often contact her looking to engage in service. “They want to see change, and the impact they can have is huge,” she said. In addition, Quaintance said the effort brings the community together. Each center has a volunteer committee that coordinates the holiday effort—from scheduling to making reminder calls or picking up the kettles. Community groups and other churches sign up to fill slots, some even staging friendly competition, like the Kiwanis and Rotary groups. Dr. Jane Allyn Piliavin, Conway-Bascom Professor Emerita of Sociology at theUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison, has conducted numerous studies on social psychology, altruism and volunteerism. Just 25 percent of Americans volunteered through or for an organization at least once last year, marking the lowest rate of volunteering since the annual BLS report was first conducted in 2002.

Our U.S. Eastern Territory spans 12 northeastern states and Puerto Rico. Each year, this week serves as an opportunity to celebrate our volunteers, donors and program beneficiaries who have enabled us to serve in the United States for 135 years. April 16 Centre City Corps | Learn and Serve – Find out what the Army does here, and donate socks, blankets, and hygiene items for distribution at the nightly community dinner. The Salvation Army is a long-term part of every ZIP code in America. After disasters, large or small, personal or communal, people rely on The Army to help them get back on their feet.

Holiday Storm Response Continues In Arkansas & Oklahoma

If you have questions, your local Salvation Army Family Store will be able to assist you. Your vehicle donation will be used to help rehabilitate men and women in our Adult Rehabilitation Centers and will result in a tax deduction in accordance with IRS rules.

The Greenville, Mississippi Corps is providing food and snacks to shelter occupants located at the Washington County Convention Center in Greenville until further notice. “We are available to assist wherever we are needed to bring some comfort to the citizens of Greenville,” said Lieutenant Damon Graham, Greenville, MS Corps Officer. In Shreveport, flooding, has warranted evacuation of as many as 3,500 families resulting in shelters opening in both Shreveport and Bossier City. The Shreveport Corps of the Salvation Army is tasked with feeding the flood evacuees in the shelters. The Corps is also roaming through affected communities with a mobile canteen providing snacks and hydration to residents and emergency responders. The Salvation Army of Greenville, Mississippi is supporting a local shelter by providing meals, drinks, and spiritual and emotional care.

New or gently used donations are accepted daily at the Donor Welcome Center inside each of our stores. If you have furniture or a large quantity of items, pickup services may be available in your area. Use the Donation Value Guide to help determine the approximate tax-deductible value of items commonly donated to The Salvation Army Family Thrift Stores. All donations of appliances, electronics, and equipment assumed to be working, and all clothing and furniture donations in good condition. All requests regarding assistance, donations, mailing list preferences, and volunteer opportunities should be directed to your local office.

One unit provided meal service to residents based at the Howard Elementary School in the Alamo Heights area. Clean up kits and water were sent from The Salvation Army EDS warehouse in Arlington and arrived in San Antonio late in the afternoon. We were ready because the mission of The Salvation Army is to alleviate suffering.

By taking care of all their basic needs, the participants can focus their energy on getting better. We operate nearly 250 stores in the Midwest, where you can shop for new and gently-used merchandise. The goods you donate and the money you spend in Salvation Army Stores fuel life-changing programs. For information on specific programs and locations, contact your local Salvation Army Corps Community Center by using the location search.

If you drop off a donation at our two Family Stores, the clerk will be happy to provide you with a receipt. The guide below will assist you in determining the tax-deductible value of any items you are donating to The Salvation Army. You will see that the table includes low and high estimates of value. Please choose a value within this range that is in keeping with your item’s relative age and quality.

But even more than that, maybe you can think about who you’ve helped. Ragsdale went on to say on the first day, 25 adults and six children were served. To find out how you, your family and your community can prepare for disasters all year long, go to Well, just in the past six weeks, Americans have experienced an exceptional number and variety of natural disasters. Wildfires in California, floods in Louisiana, tornados in Indiana, a hurricane in Florida and Georgia, a tropical storm in Hawaii and an earthquake in Oklahoma. The Salvation Army was serving in the community before the storm hit, and is still there continuing to help those in need.

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